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Jon Lachney

Hey, My name is Jon! I’m a 2.4 decade old ducky from L’Acadiane. I’m an Admin at TypeRacer and do Minecraft Modding at Modding Legacy.

⌨️ Typing


TypeRacer I’ve been typing competitively since 2013 when my high school teacher had shown me and I was already typing 90 WPM when I started. Today, I’m able to type around 140 WPM on average and I’ve definitely moved up and became an administrator where I manage the moderation team and the sites content. Thank you to the teacher that shown me this site, you’ve made a huge impact!

🖦 Keyboard

The keyboard I use is a Ducky One TKL using Cherry MX Brown switches. As you can see here, this is Stella the cat showcasing the amazing Ducky One TKL.

Ducky One TKL White

📦 Minecraft



I’ve managed and hosted Minecraft servers since 2013 where I created Minecraft servers using Bukkit and Spigot. Then, in 2014-2016, I hosted a popular modded server running Aether II on Minecraft 1.5.2 and formerly managed the Aether Official Server.



⚙️ Modding Legacy

We’re a small group of friends that mods Minecraft as a hobby.

We have revived really old and abandoned projects for the community to enjoy and play again on the latest versions of Minecraft. By updating them, we polish them to fit the new texture style that 1.14+ has while staying faithful and original what the mod was.

Our most notable and biggest revivals are Good Night’s Sleep, The Farlanders, Nethercraft and The Aether (formerly known as Aether Legacy)!

Now, we create original mods that we think are cool additions to the game. We’re are currently working on a huge dimension mod called Blue Skies.

Click here to view the Modding Legacy website

Here’s our Minecraft server! Come catch me online there sometime!

🎼 Music and Sounds

I compose music for Minecraft mods and create sounds for ambiences and entities. Most notable mods I’ve created music for would Blue Skies, Dimensional Doors and The Midnight mods. Here’s an album I created for the Blue Skies mod.

🥫 Collecting

Monster Energy Collection

Energy drinks are something I started collecting when I was around 13 years old. What got me started was the can designs on Monster Energy drink cans and I just wanted to keep them. From there the collection grew, and I started collecting more. I do have over 150+ different cans. Most of the cans are empty and the ones that are more rare are full.