About me

Hey there, my name is Jon Lachney, the 2.6 decade old duck from L’Acadiane! I’m an Admin at TypeRacer and in my free time, I create music and sounds for Minecraft mods and am part of the modding team, Modding Legacy! Check out my typing stats and keyboard information @ https://typingstats.com/profile/lachney

Minecraft Modding

Modding Legacy Team

Modding Legacy – moddinglegacy.com

With a small group of friends, we have our own minecraft modding group known as “Modding Legacy” since 2016. We started out with our only project being Aether Legacy, the updated and revived version on modern Minecraft.

Now, we are creating our own original mods such as Blue Skies, a dimension mod that most notably adds lots new mobs, bosses, and dungeons! We have come a long way and we’re happy to continue doing it.

Here’s a demoreel of all of my music I’ve created for mods such as Blue Skies, Dimensional Doors and The Midnight. Embed provided by Spotify.

TypeRacer and typing experience


TypeRacer – typeracer.com

TypeRacer I’ve been typing competitively since 2013 when my high school teacher had shown me TypeRacer.com and 10FastFingers.com. I was already typing 90 WPM when I started. Today, I’m able to type around 140 WPM on average and I’ve definitely moved up and became an administrator where I manage the moderation team and the sites content. Thank you to the teacher that shown me this site, you’ve made a huge impact!


The keyboard that I use to type on is a 60% QWERTY layout, the “Ducky One 2 SF” using Cherry MX Brown switches, with an epic exclusive TypeRacer keycap that replaces the ESC key. Here you can see the amazing Stella showcasing the awesome keyboard.